Welcome to USwebworx

USWebworx is a Web Development Company, we are different from your run of the mill web designers, we care about the outcome of your project,

we care if you get listed in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine that is relevant to your company or business. We strive to make you successful because if you happy then we are too! We are in this to help you because we can't help ourselves if you, the customer is not happy!

US WebworX offers Web Hosting, Web Design, Blogs, Local & National Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce and Social Media Networking Integration via our new company Thor Social Media (which is in the process of being built).
Web Hosting begins at $3.99 a month for a basic plan and ends at $25 a month for full service hosting (all plans are yearly priced for web hosting only). If I design your site as well as host it I will help you pick the perfect package for you and get all your email addresses set up as each plan comes with unlimited email accounts!

At US WebworX you will not see us over-selling or offering unlimited packages, basically because the companies that offer them are lying to you. I refuse to lie to you about your package. We have a 99.8% up-time over the past 10 years! This means while all servers have to be rebooted like a normal computer we still maintain a near 0 downtime which means your website is online nearly 100% of the time (any company who says they have 100% up-time is lying)

Services Offered at USwebworx

Below are some of the things we offer and some of the items we will help you with once we have an initial meeting, if you like what you see so far go ahead and contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your current business/hobby needs!

Web Development - Web design involves the structure of the website including the information architecture, the layout or the pages, and the conceptual design with branding. If you are a business or a stay at home parent or have a hobby that makes you a little bit of money then a website can increase your revenue, contact us for more information

Business Plan - A business plan is a document prepared by a company that outlines what kind of business the company is in, their history, their competition, their projections, their plans, and their current position.

Web Hosting  - The servers I am on and offering are top notch. They are fast and they are not overloaded as many of your top 20 hosting companies are. I do not want to be number 1, I just want to make sure everyone is happy that is on the server, including your company as well! I only quote via email as it is easier to see that you need.

E-Commerce - Selling online has evolved, you can now find anything want from Western Boots to custom made Camo & More. I mean anything at all.

We are a full service web company we have a Graphic Designer on staff, she has a degree from Carrington College California , we have a PHP Programmer who does a little moonlighting for the Armed Services, or is that he does a Little Moonlighting for USwebworx? Either way we can do you a full blown database driven website or your run of the mill website, it really is just for you! We are the Burger* of web design we do it YOUR way! However we will make suggestions along the way to make sure whatever you want done flows well and loads quickly and is easy to navigate for you and you clients just as all my sites are as well!

USwebworx is a Christian based company and I do not say that just to get attention, I mean it. I do my best to live it with each and every customer


*BurgerKing is not affiliated with us nor are we of them!